Typography—does it even matter?

In today’s fast-paced digital world, does typography even matter? Or is it just another thing of the past?

Western typography has been around for almost 600 years. As technologies rapidly evolve, what was once available only for type setters and typographers is now available to any 3-year old with an iPad that has default fonts and type settings. What does this mean for typography? What does this mean for technology? What does this mean for typographers?

In this talk, Uzi Shmilovici—Founder and CEO of Future Simple—share answers and thoughts from his perspective as someone who is constantly in the intersection of technology and design.

Uzi Shmilovici is a entrepreneur as much as he's a designer, programmer and writer. In 2003, Uzi co-founded Netcraft an Israeli web agency focused on user experience and web technologies. Netcraft became the leading web agency overseas, setting new standards in design and development for the web.

In late 2009, he moved to Chicago and from here, he founded Future Simple and embarked on a new challenge to make business software exciting. Leveraging paradigm shifts in computing (mobility, advanced user interfaces and big data algorithms), we build the next generation of business software.

His unique and international perspective has been featured in such publications and blogs such as Forbes, TechCrunch and Smashing Magazine, where he discusses design, marketing as well has his business ventures.

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