Shine: Diaspora 2013

We welcome you to join The Metropolitan Board of The Chicago Urban League for the opening night of Diaspora "The Art of Blackness" 2013, a free exhibition of art, design and music.

The Diaspora Exhibition was created to allow for a meeting of the minds between African American artists and design professionals. The exhibit's goal is to provide these artist with both an avenue of expression and an introduction to potential patrons and resources. Invited artists are encouraged to utilize their medium of choice (graphic design, photography, painting, etc) to depict their interpretation of the black experience in America. Curated by LaShun F. Tines and Phillip Scott, with musical soundtrack provided by Dj Kwest_on. For more information about The Diaspora Exhibition, please visit

Featured Artists

Phillip Scott
Caliph Rasoul
James Nelson
Lonnie Garner
Darno Demby
Brian Golden
Rashayla Marie Brown
Keith Purvis
Roger Carter
Chevonne Woodard
Ashley Mckinley
David Anthony
Thomas Williams