We’re a network of talented creatives in typography and design. Our network is vibrant, intimate and encourages interaction within the Chicago design community.

Originally founded in 1927, The Society of Typographic Arts is experiencing dramatic new growth and offers an ambitious, exciting programming calendar filled with our own events and supported initiatives from within the Chicago design community. Historically, both STA and Chicago have played an influential role in American graphic design. We believe that Chicago is, and has always been, an international design powerhouse. Join today and be part of this very exciting time in Chicago's design history!

We’re a Social Group

Being social is engrained in our nature and as a result, we’re very approachable. Only with the STA can you find yourself talking shop with a colleague one minute and telling jokes with Rick Valicenti the next. Our membership is a very tight-knit community that resembles a life-long friendship rather than just another professional organization.

We Support our Community

Although we host our own events, we also know that there are phenomenal independent initiatives in the Chicago design community that we continually support through financial donations, man-power and partnerships. These initiatives include The Chicago Design Museum, Moxie Conference, the Hamilton Wood Type Museum, You Are Beautiful, Diaspora: The Art of Blackness and the Chicago Poster Biennial.

Community-Sponsored Events

Competition Matters

Keep your creativity fresh with our annual Archive competition. Archive is the premier design competition of the Chicago design community that celebrates the beauty of design and its impact on our city. Winning entries are also added into the Chicago Design Archive. In the past, Archive has welcomed fantastic judges that include Stefan Bucher, Alisa Wolfson, Rick Valicenti and Jessica Hische.

As a member, you’ll receive discounted entry into the competition. So remember, enter early and enter often. Learn more >

We’re not just something to put on a resume. Most importantly, you’re not just a number—you’re a contributor.

Our organization is only as strong as our membership. Our members consist of some of the brightest, smartest and unique problem-solvers that continually give Chicago its design-edge with award-winning design, inspirational copywriting and ground-breaking user experiences.

In addition to supporting local initiatives, your membership aids in hosting amazing events—which otherwise wouldn’t be possible—with people like Erik Spiekermann, Paul Shaw, the Hamilton Wood Type Museum, Cybu Richli, Francois Robert and more!

Become part of our community. Join today.

We offer membership options for any part of your career as a creative professional from learning the craft all the way up to owning your own business. We look forward to your participation within our community and the Chicago design community as a whole.

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