We strive to engage our members through open, intimate and thought-provoking communication while building a personality undeniably unique to Chicago.

The Society of Typographic Arts is Chicago’s oldest professional design organization. We are designers who promote high standards and focus on the art and craft of typography, design, and visual communication. We love design, we love designers, and we love Chicago.

As a vital hub for the Chicago design community, the STA sponsors lectures and conferences, develops publications, promotes cutting edge professional design, and maintains the Chicago Design Archive. We bring the design community together by inviting and encouraging all creative professionals to get involved, be heard and help build an organization with unique social, educational, and networking opportunities.

Since its inception in Chicago in 1927, the Society of Typographic Arts has been a vital participant in the Chicago design community, sponsoring seminars and conferences, and developing publications, including Trademarks USA (1964), Fifty Years of Graphic Design in Chicago (1977), Hermann Zapf and His Design Philosophy (1987), and ZYX: 26 Poetic Portraits (1989). For a brief time in the late 1980s, STA became the American Center for Design. In 1990, the STA reorganized with a renewed commitment to design in Chicago. Today, it serves as the driving force in Chicago design, presenting a diverse schedule of programming, sponsoring several design organizations and events, and hosting the Chicago Design Archive, a collection of significant work from the city.

Honorary Members and Fellows

Our Honorary Members and Fellows are people very dear to us. We honor them in recognition of individual achievements in design and their ongoing contributions to our organization.

Honorary Members

Charles S. Anderson

Saul Bass
Lester Beall
Bruce Beck
Michael Bierut
Paul Bennett
William Burtin
Ralph Caplan
Edward M. Catich
Richard & Jean Coyne

Raymond F. DaBoll
Louis Danziger
S. H. DeRoos
Ernst Detterer
Niels Diffrient
Jay Doblin
William A. Dwiggins

Robert Firmin-Didot
Colin Forbes
Martin Friedman
Mildred Friedman
R. Buckminster Fuller

Edwin B. Gillespie
Evelyn Harter Glick
Morton Goldsholl
Arnie Goodwin
Bertha Goudy
Frederic W. Goudy
Franco Grignani

Victor Hammer
Walter Herdeg

Steve Jobs

Method Kalab
Rockwell Kent
Gyorgy Kepes
William A. Kittredge

Peter Lawrence
Robert Leslie
Leo Lionni
Herb Lubalin

Giovanni Mardersteig
John Massey
Randolph McAusland

Franklin McMahon
Everett McNear
R. Hunter Middleton
M. Vaughan Millbourn
Bill Moggridge
Stanley Morison

Pierre Oly

Elizabeth Paepcke
Stanley Pargellis
Dianne Pilgrim
Christopher Pullman

Paul Rand
Imre Reiner
Carl Regehr
Paul Ressinger
Bruce Rogers

Carl O. Schniewind
Erik Spiekermann
Deborah Sussman
Robert O. Swinehart

Bradbury Thompson
Jan Tschichold

Rick Valicenti
Rudy VanderLans & Zuzana Licko
Lella Vignelli
Massimo Vignelli

Beatrice Warde
Richard Saul Wurman

Hermann Zapf

STA Fellows

1934 Paul Ressinger
1935 William Kittredge
1936 R. Hunter Middleton
1936 Oswald Cooper
1937 Dale Nichols
1938 Raymond F. DaBoll
1939 Joseph Carter

1940 Ernst Detterer
1941 DeForest Sackett
1949 Rodney Chirpe

1950 George McVicker
1951 Harold English
1952 Burton Cherry
1953 E. Willis Jones
1954 Harold Tribolet
1955 Albert Kner
1956 James H. Brown
1957 Sarah Taylor Leavitt
1958 William Fleming
1959 James M. Wells

1960 Walter Howe
1961 Bert Ray
1962 Gordon Martin
1963 Gladys Swanson
1964 Susan Jackson Keig
1965 Bruce Beck
1966 Hayward Blake
1967 Jessie Martin
1968 Rhodes Patterson
1969 Herbert Pinzke

1970 Gene DeKovic
1971 Norman Perman
1972 Muriel Underwood
1973 Camille Cook
1974 Ralph Creasman
1975 Lewis Asher
1975 Dorothy Kienast
1976 Edward Kahn
1977 Don Levy
1978 Robert Vogele
1979 Harry Verploegh

1980 Jack Weiss
1981 William Goldsmith
1982 Robert McCamant
1983 Kerry Bierman
1984 Kathleen Groble Kelley
1985 Oscar Anderson
1986 Rick Valicenti
1987 Janis Boehm
1988 Sandra Dubois
1989 Mark Oldach

1990 Josef Godlewski
1991 Matthew J. Doherty

1991 Frank Dahl Kemper
1992 James G. Hansen
1993 Jane Dunne
1994 Christopher Brogdon
1995 Rob Dewey

2007 Nate Marks
2008 Wayne Stuetzer
2009 Joseph Michael Essex
2009 Barton Blankenburg
2010 Michael Stanard
2011 Cheri Gearheart
2012 Andy Rogers
2013 Bob Zeni